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Contains 6 Books. HRB's 10 Must Reads series collects seminal Harvard Business Review articles from the world's top management experts. Leaders looking for the inspiration to accelerate both their own growth and that of their companies, should look no further. The 10 Must Reads series focuses on the core topics that every ambitious manager must master in order to succeed: leadership, strategy, change management, managing people, and managing yourself. Harvard Business Review has combed through hundreds of articles and selected only the most essential reading on each topic.Business.
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  • The essentials
  • Managing yourself
  • Managing People
  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Change Management.
  • ملزومات
  • مدیریت خود
  • مردم مدیریت
  • رهبری
  • استراتژی
  • مدیریت تغییر.

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