Organization development at work : conversations on the values, applications, and future of OD

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Organization Development at Work-- a title in The Practicing OD Series-- is a collection of conversations among leaders, practitioners, and educators in the organization development (OD) field. Throughout the book experienced professionals share their best thinking about principles, practices, values, and the future of OD.
سازمان توسعه در Work-- یک عنوان در تمرین OD Series-- مجموعه ای از مکالمات میان رهبران، پزشکان و مربیان در توسعه سازمان (OD) درست است.

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  • Preliminaries; Contents; Dedication and Reflections; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Questions of Identity: Who and What Are We? What Is Our Purpose? Whom Do We Serve?; 2. Principles in Action; 3. Models and Methods; 4. Global Practice of OD; 5. The Future; Bibliography; About the Series; Statement of the Board; Afterword to the Series; About the Series Editors; About the Book Editors; About the Contributors; Index; Pfeiffer Publications Guide.
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